Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year Goals!

No resolutions this year. I don't keep them anyway because they are always too vague. So this year, I'm making a list of goals I'd like to accomplish. Right now I have 15 things on the list, some of them huge, others time consuming, and some are just little things I need to get done. I won't share the entire list right now. But I will update on my progress. Today I will share two of my goals with you:

One of the bigger goals this year is building my blog, not just as a blog, but as a way to document my year in a more techno-saavy way! I have all these ideas and pictures and projects floating around that I want to share, but I never seem to have the time. So this year, I will be making it a priority to set aside some time for my blog, everyday.

I'm also setting a goal of completing a marathon in November. This gives me plenty of time to train and really get myself prepared. I started training last July but injured my foot in October and am just now all healed up. In fact, I took my first steps today with a 2 mile walk! yay, me!

If you have some resolutions you'd like to turn into goals, check out this nifty worksheet from Buttoned Up. It's very pretty.

Here's the link: Worksheet

Happy Day!

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