Monday, April 10, 2006

a new me?

i think i'm changing....?
i've been planning out meals on a calendar and cooking! (i don't cook)
i've been planning out school and actually getting the kids to do most of it!
i've been a little more careful about what i eat.
i've started dressing a little differently (mostly because i don't have the clothes to dress the way i want to)

today is any normal day. a regular routine. but when i got up this morning, i decided i wasn't going to wear my regular old jeans&tshirt. i'm actually wearing a skirt! for the first time in over a year! i've been wanting to wear more skirts, but my shirt category is woefully small for pairing with skirts. i've made a few skirts, but haven't made the shirts to go with them. it's frustrating. and then when i go shopping i'm always looking at skirts, but they're so expensive i just put them back and shrug it off. it's depressing.

but, today, i put on a skirt, found a shirt that works with it. i painted my toes and put on sandals and a toe ring. i did my hair and makeup.

i like it.

i think i'm going to try it again tomorrow!