Thursday, July 01, 2010

Round Up Time! June 2010

1. What books/magazines did I read this month?
Two books: The Queen's Handmaiden, Around the World in 80 Days. Magazines: Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc, Relevant.

2. What movies/TV shows/plays/ect did I watch this month?
The Red Baron, Season 1 of Merlin, Iron Man, Season 1 of Bones, one episode of season 2 of The Tudors, and the pilot for LOST.

3. What fun things did I do with my family/friends this month?
Went to watch the Majors team in playoffs, went to lunch with the Cressman family afterwards. We spent 5 days at the end of the month volunteering at the Little League fields during the 9-10 yr. old tournaments. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and very tiring :) Mid-month Uncle Todd and Max came to Orlando for a convention. We were able to squeeze in an afternoon of pizza and mini-golf.

Chad and J also had the experience of a lifetime a couple weeks ago when they were invited to go deep sea fishing with some of our baseball friends. They had some amazing fish tales to tell when they got back that night!

4. What gifts did I give/receive?
Father's Day was low key - just a card and an afternoon together. I sent out several birthday and anniversary cards this month.

5. What special or unusual purchases did I make this month?
I went thrifting: purple dress, galoshes, camera bag. I also treated myself to the new Skillet CD.

6. What illnesses or health concerns did I have this month?
We're all doing pretty well. J smashed his left index finger in a door. He will definitely be losing the nail. Hopefully it's not too sore next week for his All Star tournaments! He also hasn't had that growth spurt yet. I know it's coming, though. He started complaining about his knee hurting...

7. What were my accomplishments?
Marathon training is in full swing! The kids are almost finished with all their school work for the year.

8. What were my disappointments?
Due to the week of tournaments, my training schedule is off. I missed the last week because we were out so late (and bone weary) that I just could not get up in the mornings to walk.

9. How did I do on my goals?
Posting to my blog everyday has been a challenge, between the virus on my computer and waiting to borrow one of the kids' computers, and the crazy schedules we've been keeping, blogging has taken a back seat. I still have the marathon in my sights and I'm still working on my various photography projects.

10. Anything else noteworthy? Yes! On June 15, 2010 J got the call he's be working towards for 2 1/2 years: The All Stars call! J made the All Stars team this year. Way to go buddy! We're so proud of you :)