Sunday, November 02, 2008

Catching up on "life's moments"!

October was just too busy! I had so much to accomplish! Between schooling, cleaning, shopping, getting ready for vacation and halloween, I've been on constant overload!

So, the highlights:

Jeremy's baseball game just before we left for vacation he got to pitch again. This was a scrimmage so he got a little more time on the mound. He also played second base most of the game and a couple innings at first base.
Here is a blurry shot of him in mid wind-up. During night games I have the worst possible time getting good pictures. From behind the fence the flash is worthless. Night settings are even worse. But you can still sort of see him!

On to vacation: St. Louis, MO!
This is the best family photo ever! I took several shots of us all leaning down into the frame with the Arch above us, but with the angle of the sun they were pretty dark. Chad came up with the idea to move up the stairs, away from the camera for this shot. He's a genius sometimes! :P We had so much fun in St. Louis. Even though we've been there 4 times now as a family, it's still a great place to vacation.

Halloween: Fairy Girl and Sasuke!
The kids really enjoy challenging me when it comes to costumes. And these costumes just wouldn't be complete without the wigs! It was down to crunch time and I had to make both wigs in one day! The dreads for K's were already done so that was a time saver. And I did have to do some tweaking on J's the next morning. But they were both extremely happy with their costumes, and they received lots of compliments while trick-or-treating. At one of the houses, J was immediately recognized and got extra candy for his cool costume! At another house, K was asked for a picture of her hair! They had a great time and loved that they were so original.

We popped into the Winter Garden Halloweenfest after trick-or-treating and discovered a thousand people all crammed onto main street! It was insane! On our way out we saw a guy dressed as a Ghostbuster! So now Chad wants to be a Ghostbuster for halloween next year! :D At least he's giving me plenty of time!

And now it's November, which brings it's own brand of busy!