Sunday, November 02, 2008

Catching up on "life's moments"!

October was just too busy! I had so much to accomplish! Between schooling, cleaning, shopping, getting ready for vacation and halloween, I've been on constant overload!

So, the highlights:

Jeremy's baseball game just before we left for vacation he got to pitch again. This was a scrimmage so he got a little more time on the mound. He also played second base most of the game and a couple innings at first base.
Here is a blurry shot of him in mid wind-up. During night games I have the worst possible time getting good pictures. From behind the fence the flash is worthless. Night settings are even worse. But you can still sort of see him!

On to vacation: St. Louis, MO!
This is the best family photo ever! I took several shots of us all leaning down into the frame with the Arch above us, but with the angle of the sun they were pretty dark. Chad came up with the idea to move up the stairs, away from the camera for this shot. He's a genius sometimes! :P We had so much fun in St. Louis. Even though we've been there 4 times now as a family, it's still a great place to vacation.

Halloween: Fairy Girl and Sasuke!
The kids really enjoy challenging me when it comes to costumes. And these costumes just wouldn't be complete without the wigs! It was down to crunch time and I had to make both wigs in one day! The dreads for K's were already done so that was a time saver. And I did have to do some tweaking on J's the next morning. But they were both extremely happy with their costumes, and they received lots of compliments while trick-or-treating. At one of the houses, J was immediately recognized and got extra candy for his cool costume! At another house, K was asked for a picture of her hair! They had a great time and loved that they were so original.

We popped into the Winter Garden Halloweenfest after trick-or-treating and discovered a thousand people all crammed onto main street! It was insane! On our way out we saw a guy dressed as a Ghostbuster! So now Chad wants to be a Ghostbuster for halloween next year! :D At least he's giving me plenty of time!

And now it's November, which brings it's own brand of busy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Economics 101

Jeremy has decided to show some interest in cooking his own food lately. For the last week we've been making the occasional egg sandwich for breakfast. Today, Jeremy wanted to make it all by himself. And he did it!

Slicing the english muffin

Adding cheese to the eggs

Watching the bacon heat up

Putting it all together

Yummy sandwich! :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

1st Game!

As the official scorebook keeper for our team, I have to watch every single play, every single player, both teams. It's a tough job, sure, but I never miss anything!

Tonight we played the Angels. We won 14-3 in the 5th inning. Here's the play-by-play:

Jeremy is the 6th batter in a line up of 14 players. A big improvement from last spring!

His first at bat he had a tired pitcher and got walked. But then he slid into second base on the next pitch! Way to go little man! On the next batter he stole third. And on the next wild pitch he stole home with another beautiful slide :D We were all cheezing.

His 2nd at bat he got a fresher pitcher and on his second pitch he hit a screaming ball right down the 3rd base line, way out to the field. He ran a triple! He was the only batter to get a triple this game. It was awesome :D When I caught his eye while he was on third he gave me a great big grin. I was grinning too :D

The next batter Jeremy tried a couple times to steal home on wild pitches but didn't quite make it. Then the batter he got a really wild pitch and Jeremy made a run for it. The catcher got the ball back in the nick of time and started to run Jeremy back. About half way back to the base the catcher throws the ball to the baseman, but the baseman lets it get past him, so Jeremy doubles back and steals home for a second time! Whoo! Can you just imagine all the screaming moms in the stands? It was an amazing play and I wish I'd had a camera. But being the scorekeeper I knew I wouldn't have an opportunity to take any pictures. I tried to get Kylie to take some but she didn't want to - mostly because it was sprinkling the whole game. (which makes keeping the book dry a little difficult)

On defense Jeremy started the game in center right and right field, mostly to back up some of our newest players. In the third inning they put him in as backup to second base. He was totally into the game. In the fourth inning the other team had a wild pitch and the first base runner stole second. Our catcher made the throw, but it bounced out of the 2nd baseman's glove. Jeremy was right there covering him and saved the play. :D

Another highlight of the game was Joshua. Joshua is autistic. Chad has been working closely with him to help him stay focused. And the coach walks Joshua to the plate and sets him up to bat. Tonight at Joshua's first at-bat he took a couple swings and then he hit the ball! He sent it out towards left and he managed to beat the throw to first! Everyone was jumping and cheering him on - it was wonderful. The next batter came up and then Joshua remembered to steal! When the next batter came up they hit a nice long flyball out to left field which gave Joshua the opportunity to make it all the way home. It was close, but he beat the throw to the catcher and scored his first run! The whole team cheered him on, as well as the coaches. Most of us parents in the stands were teary-eyed.

I know this is just the first game, but it was a really great game. I wish I could have video taped it to watch again and share with everyone. Such a great game.

So when we got home I had Jeremy pose for a couple shots so you could see the mess he made of his uniform sliding into home.

And a shot of a very happy baseball player

The "baseball" cut

Now that fall ball is officially underway, Jeremy needed to get the hair out of his face so he could see the ball coming at him! Here are the "before" and "after" shots.

We finally found a stylist that knows what to do with his wacky hair! This is the best cut he's had in a long time. And while I'm partial to his shaggy skater hair, I like his new look too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nat'l Play-Doh Day 9-18-08

We had a TON of fun with the play doh! Check it out:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kylie's Birthday

I know I'm late getting this posted. Way too much on my plate at the moment. Trying to keep the house clean is a bigger job now, school is getting underway and the kids are slowly adjusting. I'm doing more cooking, which means more shopping, cleaning, and reading of recipes. Plus I'm doing a lot more crafting now. So it's pretty busy around here.

Besides the typical opening gifts, having a cake (this year a giant cookie) and going out for ice cream, we gave Kylie an amazing gift - a trip to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins! We didn't tell her what we were doing on her birthday, just got them up and out of bed nice and early and took off. She didn't know what was going on until we pulled into the main gate! What a smile..

Here are the pics:

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We sat down to play some cards last night. We've all been getting tired of the TV so Chad and Kylie went and bought some Uno cards.

We played several hands, with Chad throwing in some new rules, and had a lot of fun.

Our very last hand started at 7:15 and we played and played and played. There were times when Kylie had half the deck in her hand! And then Jeremy and I would end up with 30 cards! Chad wanted to call the game at 8 but I wanted to see just how far it would go. Chad finally played out at 8:10! A 55 minute hand of uno! Wow. That's got to be a record or something :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

When the storm was first headed straight for us here in Kissimmee, I would find the kids glued to the TV every once in awhile, checking the weather report. They'd stare out the windows to see what was going on and ask a zillion questions.

The night Fay was supposed to hit us the storm had turned eastward and just skimmed by us. All we got was a bunch of rain. The kids and I were quite relieved.

Now Fay has decided to do some twisting and turning and may come back this way. This has got to be the weirdest storm ever.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Armadillo sighting!

Apparently Tropical Storm Fay is bringing lots of things out of the woodwork. Chad and I went to Sam's Club, just across the street from the apartments to get some water and other supplies for the storm coming in. On the way back we pulled up to the security gate. As Chad was asking the guard some questions, I turned to look out the window and there he was! A little armadillo, just snuffling the ground, walking around trees and rustling through the bushes. Oh how I wish for a pocket camera!Chad whipped out his camera phone but it decided to play dunce and wouldn't load up the camera function fast enough. We had to wait a bit and track the little bugger down, but we got a couple good shots.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life outside the RV

After 2 years in the RV, life in an apartment is almost surreal.


The amount of space here is difficult to get used to. J is having a really difficult time sleeping in his own room. K, of course, loves it. She wasted no time in getting her room all decorated and plastered with posters.

While I find using the kitchen space rather pleasant, I find maneuvering throughout the apartment in general to be bothersome. I've gotten so used to moving from one activity to another in a space 10 feet long and 3 feet wide that I sometimes lose track of where I'm going. I have all this space and sometimes feel lost in it!

It's a good thing this is a transitional space.

When we finally move into a house I should be ready for a bigger space. Here in the apartment I have no freedom to paint or decorate. But when we have a house I'll have complete freedom to personalize whatever I feel like changing. I'll also have the opportunity to get my things from storage.

Funny how little I can recall actually being in storage! But there are some treasures I'd like to have with me. It'll be a lot of fun going through all the boxes. The hardest part will be the kids going through all their toys. It'll be like Christmas morning!

Until then, I'll spend my time "cruising" the furniture and wandering from room to room...and cooking up a storm! :D

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Best Game Ever!

We woke up to a beautiful morning! K&J were out playing with the kids so Chad and I decided to get in a game of disc golf. Turns out today was my day.

By the 4th hole I was still at par and I was beating Chad! (today was NOT his day!)

For the first time ever, I birdied twice in one game. On a few holes I had some pretty tough challenges but still managed to par or bogey. Which is much better than I normally play.

Chad was totally excited for me and had me try out his Sidewinder disc. He said that now I'm playing with power so I need to adjust my technique. Which is pretty much true. The Stingray disc that I've always used is actually a right-turning disc, but I've not been able to make it turn right. Until now. :D

I worked on tweaking my release and was able to play a really good game.

At the 18th hole I finished at a +5 (over par). Way better than my personal best! :D

I think it's time to get a long-distance driver and see what I can do!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Life as a Single Parent

After ProLife Festival we decided that the kids and I would stay in MI while Chad went back to work in FL. We figured I'd stay for the month of July and then wait to see what would happen next.

So all this month I've been a single parent!

The first week we were here I made a lot of trips to see people. It was nice being able to catch up with everyone. While visiting my Mom, she asked if I could help her out a couple days. Thinking it'd be just that, I agreed.

I've been working every day since! (Except Sundays)

Which has been both a blessing and a bane. A blessing because we've not had any disposable income that I could use while here, and working for my Mom provides just what the kids and I need. Working for Mom also provides us a vehicle to use, an added bonus even if it's a gas hog. It's been a considerable bane because I'm spending all my time working and I've barely seen my kids!

For the most part J hangs out with me at Mom's while I work, but I'm working and he's playing games or watching TV, or out fishing when K is with him. Most of the time K is at her cousin's so I don't see much of her. I don't like that I'm losing touch with my kids. I'm glad this is only for a short season!

I've been so wrapped up with work I've let the RV become a mess - even though we've only stayed in the RV 1/3 of the time! I've not had the opportunity to get out and see anyone really, nor have the kids and I been able to get out and do much. We did go to a movie last week. And we've been to dinner at Cleve's twice. But that's it. I've also not been able to make any dreads to sell, nor work on school. I've been meaning to scan some photos and update some of my photo files but I still haven't gotten to it. It's even taken me this long to update my blog!

Last weekend the kids stayed over at Grandma Benkert's and I flew to FL to spend some time with Chad. It was nice to spend time together (even though the weather was nasty sticky-hot) and talk about things. We spent our time playing tourist in St. Augustine, which is something I've wanted to do for years and years now. It was a great treat. But I missed the kids even more!

I don't know how single parents do this. I'm sad about all the time I've lost this month with the kids - I can't imagine what life would be like if I had to do this full time. And I'm actually lucky because I have family and friends who've been more than generous in helping us out. If I were doing this on my own it'd be a nightmare.

Thankfully, this season is coming to an end soon. The kids and I will be flying back to FL in another week or so. And where we go from there? We'll just wait and see.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Line Dancing!

Yep. I went line dancing. I didn't figure I'd dance much at all. And I didn't. But I did learn one new dance. I rather enjoyed it.

It was a little difficult at first, being out of practice with choreographed dances. After the first few times through, my training kicked in and I was able to get the hang of it.

Leah plans to take me again. We'll see how well I remember what I learned! :P

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Chicago holiday!

After ProLife we hung out at Mom's in Dowagiac for a bit. Chad decided to fly back to Orlando while the kids and I stay in the oh, so lovely Michigan!

For the 4th of July holiday Mom and Sheri put together a little trip for us. We left Wed. night for Chicago via the Southshore. For Grandma and the kids this was the normal mode of transportation. But for me, this was a first! I'd never been on any kind of train before, so I was experiencing this all for the first time!

We stayed with Uncle Ben and Aunt Sheri (who made some rather delish tacos for dinner) and prepared for the next day's adventures.

On Thursday, Uncle Ben had the day off so he played tour guide.

The first adventure was for the kids. Uncle Ben took them for a ride on his scooter up an down the alley. I'm not sure who had more fun - the kids or Uncle Ben?

After the scooter excitement, Uncle Ben began our city tour with a trip to Millenium Park so I could see the Cloud Gate. Everyone but me has seen this marvel and I'm so glad everyone was willing to make the trek to see it again! :D While I was snapping pictures I caught this one of Jeremy getting into the snack bag!

Then we were off across the park. It was so pretty with all the flowers everywhere! Once through the park we made a venture through the Taste of Chicago festival that was happening. So many people! We didn't stop - just passed through. I didn't even snap one picture here - I was too worried about getting separated or losing one of the kids!

Next stop was the Art Museum. Jeremy wanted to see some old masters and I just wanted to see everything! We didn't get to see as many masters as we'd liked as the museum is adding a new wing and many of the galleries we wanted to see were closed. But I did get to see my favorite landscape (by Seurat)and was able to share it with the kids! Jeremy and I took quite a few pictures in the museum. But the kids' patience with me didn't last forever so we left. (I did manage a few pictures of tudor and elizabethan costume for my research!) Here's everyone taking a break while waiting for me to catch up! :D Once outside we parked on the steps next to one of the lions and had a snack for lunch.

On to the Field Museum! As we came up the hill in front we saw a bunch of these amazing globes! I snapped a picture or two of every single one of them. Kylie took some pictures of her favorites. I remember reading an article somewhere about these. I'm glad I got to see them! We spent the afternoon looking at all kinds of neat things. Once inside the museum we had to choose which exhibits we wanted to see. There is a great exhibit on the Native Americans. It would take a couple days to see all of it! So we did that one and the Egyptian exibit - one of Kylie's favorites. And of course we popped in to see the dinosaurs! It was a great afternoon - except for periodic comments from Jeremy that he's "seen this before, can we move on?"

After the Field we wandered over to the lawn to claim our spot for the fireworks that night. The wind off the lake was a bit chilly and we spent our time trying to keep warm while people watching.

Aunt Sheri brought us dinner - fried chicken, potato wedges, sweet bread, and cookies. Yummy! I think Kylie was just polishing off the last bite of her cookie!

Jeremy got a little bored waiting so he wanted to play with the camera. His camera is too slow (now that he's interested in photography we'll find a better one) so we used mine. Since Jeremy was cuddled up with me to stay warm, I'm actually in a photo too! :D Doesn't happen often. We took about 8 pictures making silly faces. We were very entertaining to our neighbors :P

After 4 1/2 hours of waiting the fireworks finally started! Late, but they did start! We're not sure why, but the orchestra did not play, so the radio station threw together some music to play along. I took quite a few shots, trying to keep the city in the frame but after a while the smoke started to build up and it was difficult to get a clean photo.

The walk home after the fireworks was quite an adventure in and of itself! So many people all trying to get to the same place. We were part of an ocean of people. It was sometimes difficult to hold onto Jeremy and stay with the group. Rather than move along at the pace of the crowd there were always people pushing their way through and separating me and Jeremy from the rest of them. But Uncle Ben made sure to keep an eye on us, I noted. Once we were out of the crown and onto the street it was a bit easier. I even managed a quick photo, and while it's not clean, it does convey the movement of the people. When we got up to the stop for the train we needed there were already hundreds of people lined up waiting to get on. So Uncle Ben took us around another way and we picked up a different train. There was almost no one there! We were quite lucky. It still made for a late night, but not as late as if we'd had to wait in that line! You rock Uncle Ben!

The next morning of course we were dragging. The kids and I slept until almost 10 Chicago time! EEek! I guess we really were tired! But it was a good tired. :D

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A trip down memory lane

So during all of the preparations for this upcoming trip, I've been doing a lot of digging around in all the storage cubbies under the RV. I came across a couple tubs of clothes I didn't know we had! In one tub I found a bunch of Chad's y2kJ shirts and 4 pairs of Jeremy's old pants.

Every pair of those pants had holes at the knees! I think those have been there since we moved to Florida. They are a couple sizes too small for him now, so that's at least 2 years.

Anyway, when I pulled them out I could think why I'd stored them in the first place. Usually I'd just toss them in a bag and send them to the good will, or they'd get used as rags. But for some reason here they were.

I sat on the deck holding them in my hands for a little while, turning them over, poking my fingers through the holes. And then I remembered.

I wanted to do a scrapbook page about what a rough and tumble little boy I have. But I forgot all about it! So I went inside and grabbed my camera. And quick as a flash {giggling} I took a series of photos of those wonderfully ripped up pants.

Now, rather than throw them away, I decided to give them a 2nd chance at life. I pulled out my scissors and cut the legs off just above the rips. I then turned up and pinned all the hems and went in search of thread for the sewing machine. I spent about 20 minutes stitching those pants. One pair even needed a little TLC on the back pocket. I didn't have exactly matching thread for a couple, but that's okay, these new shorts will become play clothes for Jeremy's friends. They still have some wrestling to do.

The legs that I cut off are now nestled carefully in my box of stuff. I couldn't just throw them away. I plan to cut the pieces to use on those scrapbook pages I meant to do 2 years ago! I think it'll make a great page.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Game!

The last game of the spring season. What an exciting game.

Playing our last game against the Tigers we knew we would win. Both teams went into this playoff game knowing it was their last. So we all decided to just have fun!

The coaches let the kids play different positions, even letting some of the new kids get in a few pitches after league play was over! The official game went to the 5th inning, but we kept playing just for the fun of it.

Just before the game the coach told J that he would be first in the line up! Last game he moved up to slot #7 and J was super excited. This game he was going to hit first!

His first time up at bat, I think he was a little nervous. He struck out. But at least he was swinging! His second at bat - HE HIT IT! His first hit of the season that wasn't a foul! It was a short, infield hit, so he was out at first. Later in the game he was up again and hit another infield hit right to the first baseman.

It didn't matter that he was out - he just loved that he was finally getting hits!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

getting greener...

About a year ago I bought some heavy ceramic plates and stopped buying paper plates and cups. It made a huge dent in the amount of daily garbage we generated as a family. And I liked that I was making a difference.

Today, I decided to get rid of the paper/plastic question when grocery shopping. Just another step toward reducing my carbon footprint! Hopefully my next step won't be another year away!

While grocery shopping I decided to purchase the newly-offered 100% recyled and recyclable bags being offered by the local goods store. I was going to do this several weeks ago, but rationalized that it would be better to recycle some of our old clothes into new bags. But I never got around to it. And the kids don't have any outgrown clothes that would make good bags, and I can't afford to get rid of any of the 3 pairs of jeans I own. Then I thought I'd go buy some canvas and make them up, but canvas is expensive. So I broke down and bought the bags. At $1 a bag, that's not too bad.

I made sure to get a set for the car and a set for the truck so there's never an excuse not to have them when running to the store. And while I'd still have liked to have made my own bags, at least these were made using recycled materials.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Is it spring cleaning? Or just organizing?

With the nice weather we've been having I've spent more time over in the black trailer. It gets pretty warm in there and the air conditioner has no controls other than high/low, so it can get pretty cold. But lately I've been able to leave the door open and just run a fan. I love it! So with all my time spent in there I have been organizing. Serious, deep cleaning type organizing. I have too much stuff! :(

I've been wanting to do some scrapbooking, but I just didn't know where I was going to start. So I did what comes natural to me - I organized.

I've been bringing home boxes of pictures every time I come home from Michigan. So I dug right in.

The first day I just laid the boxes out in order by date, making notes of anything missing. And I am missing some pictures. :(

The next day I started opening the boxes and going through them, just to orient myself with what was where and to get a grip on what was extra copies and what needed to go into photo albums. As far as I can tell I only have one year - 2000 - that needs to go into books first. Plus I had tons of negatives! I had thought I'd already taken care of these, but apparently not. I do know I have all the negatives up through 1997 for sure, maybe 1998, in a negative book, which unfortunately, I did not find last time I was in the storage unit.

So of course my nest step is to tackle all those negatives. I happened to grab some negative sleeves from storage, lucky me, so I ripped them open and got to work. I started with 2000, since that's the year I have everything in one place. Then I worked my way backwards. Yeah, I know, doesn't make sense. I didn't see that I had older negatives when I got started. Anyway, it all worked out. So now I have negatives from Christmas 1998 all the way through 2000 all in sleeves. That's done.

From there I don't know where the rest of the negatives are. I didn't switch to digital until 2003. So? No clue. But I'm not stressing over it, cause I know I have some more in storage up north.

With all the negatives out of the way, I went through and placed index cards with notes for dates and places, etc., between the sections of pictures. This will help a lot when I get ready to scrap. I got rid of all those envelopes - especially since those are really bad for your pictures.

At some point I started pulling out pictures I wanted to scrap. I have lots of stories running around in my head! :D So now I have a box of pictures staring at me every time I sit at my desk.

But, before I could start scrapping I had to organize my stuff first! :D I have so much paper and stickers, so many little thingys to punch and decorate with! It's all been shoved into a suitcase, so that makes it hard to sift through for the item you're looking for. Plus, you don't see everything, so you don't know you have it!

So yesterday I stacked all the picture boxes out of the way and cleared off my desk and got it organized. Then I pulled out my big suitcase of paper and started organizing that, too! I sorted all my patterned paper into color groups and kept my solid cardstock separate. Then I decided to take apart those books of paper I keep buying. When they're in the books you don't always see what's there. So I took them apart and wrote in a corner on the back what company made it and set it aside. Today sometime I will sort them by color and add them to the patterned paper stacks.

I'm really making some progress!

soon...very soon, I'll be one scrap-happy fool!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The thing-a-day comes to an end

#28 I learned to knit!

And it only took like 5 times of unraveling and trying again. The trick was buying a kids' knitting book and learning from that. So I bought a kit that had all the needles and some yarn. It was fun. I'm sure I'll keep at it.

And that was it for the month. I just kinda got tired I guess. I'd walk past the table and look at stuff, pick up this, push that out of the way. I just couldn't focus.

On to something new.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thing-a-day #25

ATC Card #2!

I love this Seurat painting. So I used one of my museum cards to make this ATC. I found a vellum saying, a scrap with an appropriate saying and an extra clock sticker. It all worked out nicely. I was going to use either tan or vanilla cardstock but it seemed too plain, so I used a piece from DCWV's Rock-a-Roll paper. Love that stuff! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thing-a-day #24

More Mini Origami!

I'm really having fun with the origami. The little stuff is much trickier than I thought it would be. These little hearts were really hard at first. The tiny little folds made it quite a challenge! If I hadn't had some fingernails I might not have been able to make some of those little folds. I'll use these on a card or on a scrapbook page.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thing-a-day #21-23


#21 New Dreadlocks!

I love these colors. In fact, I've done them before, sort of. The very first time I put in dreads I used these colors - except the blonde was silver. These are super sweet! And while I was busy with the dreads, K decided to do her own craft:

A Medieval Castle! Complete with a king, queen and a prince. Not bad for a few sheets of paper and some TP tubes.

#22 Mini-Origami!

I really enjoy paper folding. At the library I found a book on origami greeting cards. These little pretties really are little. I used 1" squares for each petal. That's tricky to fold.

#23 Hemline!

I finally had some nice weather and a few minutes to work on the kirtle. So I pinned up the hemline and did a quick running stitch along the bottom. I MAY just get this dress done before the end of the month!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thing-a-day #20

A birthday card.

I don't know that I really like this card. I thought the pattern was really cute. But, for some reason, mine just didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I added ribbons to give some "bling" but I still think it's missing something. Maybe the colors are just too bland? I probably should've used some print somewhere on the outside as well as the inside. Oh well. I'm not taking it apart today.

I like the matching envelope. I do wish, however, that I had an envelope template so I could make my own envelopes from patterned paper, instead of using regular envelopes and decorating them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

thing-a-day #19


I love this stuff! First I cut out some plastic stars. You can barely see them at the top of the photo. Then I was going to use this cool alcohol paint on them, but I thought I better try it out somehow to see what it does.

Sooooo...I cut an ATC size piece of plastic and went to town with the inks. At first I tried to blend with a piece of felt, but that did not work. So then I noticed that when I dropped the ink onto the plastic it kind of spread and grew out into odd shapes. so I played with dropping them next to each other and into each other. I guess, according to the packaging, I'll have to buy a blending tool if I want to be able to blend them together. Since I really like the inks, that doesn't bother me. I want to go get some more colors!

I'm not sure what I'll do with this piece. Since it's ATC sized, I might use it as an ATC and attach some oddball things to the backside to make a card. We'll see. I'll have to think about it and let the idea simmer a bit. :D The stars I'll be using on scrapbooking pages and/or birthday cards.

Monday, February 18, 2008

thing-a-day #18

A scrapbook page!

I finally got to do some scrapbooking. I've had this picture printed out for months now. I found the quote on a piece of paper I bought. And I used the felt stars I cut from a previous thing-a-day! Kudos to me! :D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

thing-a-day #17

Artist Trading Card!

This is the first of many, many ATCs I'll be making! I love these! In fact, I plan to start collecting them from other artists around the world. In order to collect them, I have to make them. They cannot be bought or sold - only traded! How cool! Now I need to find some artists to trade with! :D

On a side note: I used spray adhesive for the very first time on this project. While it made putting it together a snap, the mess is less than desired. Hmmm... don't know if it's worth it.