Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Game!

The last game of the spring season. What an exciting game.

Playing our last game against the Tigers we knew we would win. Both teams went into this playoff game knowing it was their last. So we all decided to just have fun!

The coaches let the kids play different positions, even letting some of the new kids get in a few pitches after league play was over! The official game went to the 5th inning, but we kept playing just for the fun of it.

Just before the game the coach told J that he would be first in the line up! Last game he moved up to slot #7 and J was super excited. This game he was going to hit first!

His first time up at bat, I think he was a little nervous. He struck out. But at least he was swinging! His second at bat - HE HIT IT! His first hit of the season that wasn't a foul! It was a short, infield hit, so he was out at first. Later in the game he was up again and hit another infield hit right to the first baseman.

It didn't matter that he was out - he just loved that he was finally getting hits!

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  1. Jeremy,

    Great job! Keep at it. Can't wait to see you guys next week.

    -- Uncle Todd