Saturday, June 14, 2008

A trip down memory lane

So during all of the preparations for this upcoming trip, I've been doing a lot of digging around in all the storage cubbies under the RV. I came across a couple tubs of clothes I didn't know we had! In one tub I found a bunch of Chad's y2kJ shirts and 4 pairs of Jeremy's old pants.

Every pair of those pants had holes at the knees! I think those have been there since we moved to Florida. They are a couple sizes too small for him now, so that's at least 2 years.

Anyway, when I pulled them out I could think why I'd stored them in the first place. Usually I'd just toss them in a bag and send them to the good will, or they'd get used as rags. But for some reason here they were.

I sat on the deck holding them in my hands for a little while, turning them over, poking my fingers through the holes. And then I remembered.

I wanted to do a scrapbook page about what a rough and tumble little boy I have. But I forgot all about it! So I went inside and grabbed my camera. And quick as a flash {giggling} I took a series of photos of those wonderfully ripped up pants.

Now, rather than throw them away, I decided to give them a 2nd chance at life. I pulled out my scissors and cut the legs off just above the rips. I then turned up and pinned all the hems and went in search of thread for the sewing machine. I spent about 20 minutes stitching those pants. One pair even needed a little TLC on the back pocket. I didn't have exactly matching thread for a couple, but that's okay, these new shorts will become play clothes for Jeremy's friends. They still have some wrestling to do.

The legs that I cut off are now nestled carefully in my box of stuff. I couldn't just throw them away. I plan to cut the pieces to use on those scrapbook pages I meant to do 2 years ago! I think it'll make a great page.

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