Monday, April 25, 2011

4x12: March

Better late than never, I suppose! Not having my own computer to work with really hampers my creative time online. One of these days, I'm sure I'll break down and buy a new computer. In fact, it'll probably be sooner rather than later...

March 31 was the Mr's 40th Birthday! To celebrate we blew up 40 balloons after he went to bed so that when he woke up in the morning he would have a birthday surprise. It worked out pretty well. But when it came time to take pictures we found that most of the balloons wouldn't float any higher than our heads. So we blew up the rest of the balloons to give us a nice big bunch for the pictures. So the Mr's birthday pictures are pulling double duty this year!

A simple family picture turned into quite the production. Little Man turned his funny bone on its side and gave me plenty of photo ops:

He's such a goof ball! I suppose that's because he takes after his father...

Even The Girl got in on the fun!