Monday, February 25, 2008

Thing-a-day #25

ATC Card #2!

I love this Seurat painting. So I used one of my museum cards to make this ATC. I found a vellum saying, a scrap with an appropriate saying and an extra clock sticker. It all worked out nicely. I was going to use either tan or vanilla cardstock but it seemed too plain, so I used a piece from DCWV's Rock-a-Roll paper. Love that stuff! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thing-a-day #24

More Mini Origami!

I'm really having fun with the origami. The little stuff is much trickier than I thought it would be. These little hearts were really hard at first. The tiny little folds made it quite a challenge! If I hadn't had some fingernails I might not have been able to make some of those little folds. I'll use these on a card or on a scrapbook page.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thing-a-day #21-23


#21 New Dreadlocks!

I love these colors. In fact, I've done them before, sort of. The very first time I put in dreads I used these colors - except the blonde was silver. These are super sweet! And while I was busy with the dreads, K decided to do her own craft:

A Medieval Castle! Complete with a king, queen and a prince. Not bad for a few sheets of paper and some TP tubes.

#22 Mini-Origami!

I really enjoy paper folding. At the library I found a book on origami greeting cards. These little pretties really are little. I used 1" squares for each petal. That's tricky to fold.

#23 Hemline!

I finally had some nice weather and a few minutes to work on the kirtle. So I pinned up the hemline and did a quick running stitch along the bottom. I MAY just get this dress done before the end of the month!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

thing-a-day #20

A birthday card.

I don't know that I really like this card. I thought the pattern was really cute. But, for some reason, mine just didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I added ribbons to give some "bling" but I still think it's missing something. Maybe the colors are just too bland? I probably should've used some print somewhere on the outside as well as the inside. Oh well. I'm not taking it apart today.

I like the matching envelope. I do wish, however, that I had an envelope template so I could make my own envelopes from patterned paper, instead of using regular envelopes and decorating them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

thing-a-day #19


I love this stuff! First I cut out some plastic stars. You can barely see them at the top of the photo. Then I was going to use this cool alcohol paint on them, but I thought I better try it out somehow to see what it does.

Sooooo...I cut an ATC size piece of plastic and went to town with the inks. At first I tried to blend with a piece of felt, but that did not work. So then I noticed that when I dropped the ink onto the plastic it kind of spread and grew out into odd shapes. so I played with dropping them next to each other and into each other. I guess, according to the packaging, I'll have to buy a blending tool if I want to be able to blend them together. Since I really like the inks, that doesn't bother me. I want to go get some more colors!

I'm not sure what I'll do with this piece. Since it's ATC sized, I might use it as an ATC and attach some oddball things to the backside to make a card. We'll see. I'll have to think about it and let the idea simmer a bit. :D The stars I'll be using on scrapbooking pages and/or birthday cards.

Monday, February 18, 2008

thing-a-day #18

A scrapbook page!

I finally got to do some scrapbooking. I've had this picture printed out for months now. I found the quote on a piece of paper I bought. And I used the felt stars I cut from a previous thing-a-day! Kudos to me! :D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

thing-a-day #17

Artist Trading Card!

This is the first of many, many ATCs I'll be making! I love these! In fact, I plan to start collecting them from other artists around the world. In order to collect them, I have to make them. They cannot be bought or sold - only traded! How cool! Now I need to find some artists to trade with! :D

On a side note: I used spray adhesive for the very first time on this project. While it made putting it together a snap, the mess is less than desired. Hmmm... don't know if it's worth it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

baseball practice

Jeremy had a full practice today! The first scheduled practice was cancelled due to storms, so this was the first real one. He put on some practice gear and his cleats and was ready to go.

Playing third base.

Up at bat.

thing-a-day #16

Ladybugs! I saw these cute little ladybugs in one of my scrapbooking magazines and I just had to try making some. I went through my papers looking for pinks and yellows like I saw in the ad, but I don't have any yellows! What's with that? So I used pinks, a little black, some greens and some gold. The antenna are made from a wire jewelry kit that Sheri gave me at Christmas. She knew I'd find something to do with them! :D I had fun with these. I'll probably make some more! :D

(No this is not the yard - we don't have grass here. It's a picture of grass. That's as close as we get!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

thing-a-day #15


I'm not sure this craft is for me. I thought for sure I'd love doing it since I love looking at it, but it's just a bit too finicky for me. I may or may not try this again. I cut the strips myself and used an upholstery needle to roll with. If I decide, sometime in the future, that I do indeed enjoy it, then I'll invest in the quilling tool and some precut strips.

I'm going to use this piece on a birthday card as the cake. I had this thought in mind before starting, so I didn't go into it without a plan :) and I wanted to do something other than the heart shapes in the book I got the idea from.

So one of my future "things" will be the card!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

thing-a-day #14


Kylie and I have been planning these for a couple days now. We don't do rolled cookies - ever - so we had to improvise on a rolling utensil. I find that, in a pinch, the can of cooking spray makes a nicely weighted rolling pin. :D We were going to do frosting, but I don't have a mixer to whip up the frosting nice and stiff and I didn't feel like buying the premade stuff - I can't stand the stuff. I think the sprinkles look just dandy. And they taste really good. :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thing-a-day 2008 Days 1-13

Yes - I signed up. It felt like just the right challenge to get the creative vibes humming again!

The idea is to spend at least 20 minutes but no longer than an hour making some kind of creative item EVERY DAY for the month of February. This is the 2nd year this challenge has been issued to the internet community. It was really hard to get started.

The first few days of February we had family visiting and we were making memories at Disney World. So I didn't actually get to "make" much until a few days into the challenge.

So here is what I have so far:

February 1, 2008 we spent the morning at Animal Kingdom and the rest of the day and evening at Magic Kingdom.

February 2, 2008 we spend the morning at Hollywood Studios and the rest of the day at EPCOT.

February 5, 2008 I made my birthday cake. And ate it too!

February 6, 2008 I made a scrumptious brownie sundae. (and ate it!)

February 7, 2008 I dreaded up 100 short, spikey dreads.

February 8, 2008 I steamed all 100 of those dreads and sealed off the ends. They were for a client, but he called and backed out. Now what?

February 10, 2008 I made a birthday card! I had some trouble getting started but I found a great pattern and it just took right off!

February 11, 2008 I cut out some white felt stars that I'll be using on a scrapbook page about Kylie's freckles. :D

February 12, 2008 Kylie decided to join me in my craft-making and we sat down to do some origami.

February 13, 2008 We sat down to do some cut paper work and found a pattern for these really cute little fish. Kylie's tail (bottom fish) turned out better than mine. You go girl!