Friday, February 17, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012: #17 Felt Dahlia Pins

#17 Felt Dahlia Pins
Another felt craft from my huge stash. These are 4" pins, 3 layers of leaves with 2 small 4 or 5 petal flowers in the center covered with small beads.  I didn't have any pin backs in my stash so when I go to the craft store again, I'll pick some up so I can finish these. Only one of these is mine. The other will be used as a gift package decoration. I plan on making another one in purple and possibly one in yellow. I haven't quite decided. I think they are really pretty and they were super easy to make.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #16 Zentangles

#16 Zentangles
I discovered zentangles quite by accident several years ago. They're a fun way to relax assuming you don't stress yourself out deciding which patterns to use! I was given a book about zentangles for christmas a couple years ago and I love all the patterns that can be made with simple shapes and lines. I didn't stress too much over today's design. Being that it's February, hearts seemed to be the only way to go :)

Knitwit Files Vol 8: Side Slip Cloche

This pattern sucked.

I like patterns that actually give you specific stitch counts. If I'm going to follow a pattern to create a specific project, then the directions had better be crystal clear. This was a nightmare. I started this had pattern waaaay back in October! That's how frustrated I was. I had to restart it 8 times! Anyway, it's done. I finished it. And I most definitely will NOT be knitting another one!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #13, 14, 15

#15 - Baker's Apron
I found this yummy fabric at the local Goodwill - on a 1/2 off Saturday, no less! - and knew it would make a great apron someday. And that someday is today! I tried to use a pattern found on the Martha site, but it didn't include directions and the pattern was in 13 pcs and I couldn't figure out how to piece it together. So I winged it. I measured it out, cut, sewed, cut again, sewed and ironed and sewed and now I have an apron to protect my clothes when I'm tossing stuff around the kitchen :)

#14 - Valentine's Day Card
Happy Valentine's Day! I have a bag of cards that came with some promo a long, long time ago. And you know I save stuff like that to use "someday". I was digging around in my stash thinking to make an ATC, but when I discovered that little bag of goodies, today's thing-a-day was a cinch.

#13 - Mustaches
Ok, this one is lame. I was lazy all day. Mondays usually go that way. And while I was waiting for dinner I knocked these out of some scraps of felt, thinking I'd attach them to some drinking straws and take a cute, funny family picture. No go. These 'staches arent' fit to be seen, let alone groomed for photo ops. I'll have to try again some other time, when I'm more likely to have the energy to actually care.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #12 Nail Paint

#12 - Nail Paint
It's been a long while since I've bothered to paint my nails. The Girl got this nail art kit for Christmas and I thought today would be the perfect day to give it a try. So I painted my base in a lovely Vintage Blue from Avon and I did the designs in Blue Me Away by Sallen Hansen Xtreme. There is definitely a learning curve. I couldn't get the entire design to transfer, and by the time I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was on my next-to-last fingernail. Ah, well. Until next time!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #11 Hair Extensions

#11 Hair Extensions!
This is my friend Carrie. She's been wanting to put some red in her hair but she didn't want to mess with bleach and dye and having to repeat the process constantly to maintain her color. So I offered to put extensions in her hair that would allow her to keep the same, vibrant color until she was ready to take them out. We spent about an hour this morning putting the base extensions in and then she went to the salon to have them texturized and faded into her hair, since I am strictly forbidden by my sister to ever put scissors to hair. Then later she came back and I added some light, off-weft extensions to her hairline to help make the overall look a little more complete. It was so much fun, I can't wait for her to change colors :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #10 3-D Paper Ball Ornaments

3-D Paper Ball Ornaments
I found the instructions for this ornament here. I think the all white style is my favorite. I want to make some more of these in all kinds of sizes. I also want to try making a large one out of clear plastic or vellum and then insert a small, low watt light bulb inside to hang as a pendant light. I think that could be amazing!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #9 Felt Valentines

Felt Valentines
I saw somewhere on the 'net some felt valentine ornaments, but I am running out of places to hang things so I left off the ribbon and made these to nestle in a bowl. Unfortunately, the bowl I wanted wasn't available, so I stuck them in my mondo mug. I think they're cute and I got to practice my blanket stitch again :)

Also, they were made completely with supplies I had on hand AND they are stuffed with scraps! Waste not, want not. I used up the scraps from these hearts in 3 of them and then pulled out a bag of fabric scraps from a bag I made a couple years ago. Yes, I kept my scraps for that long. Yes, I always keep the scraps. You never know when you may need a patch, or a small bit for another craft :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Thing-A-Day 2012 - #8 Felt Heart Bunting

#8 - Felt Heart Bunting
I had a huge stack of felt that I bought several years ago for another craft that I never got around to finishing. I've seen these heart buntings around the 'net for awhile now, not only in felt, but paper as well. It took me longer than I thought to hand cut all those hearts and in the end I had to cut some more to complete the entire room. On the up side, I did use up most of my felt bits and instead of tossing all those scraps I stuffed them into an old mason jar, tied it with a bow and called it "bonus craft!"
And later I can pull those scraps out and do something else with them ;)
There is nothing better than making something awesome out of scraps that would normally go in the trash. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012: #7 - Valentine Specimen Art

Valentine Specimen Art
I already had the frame and tons of paper scraps so this craft was a no-brainer. I do wish I'd had a heart punch to make this go a little faster. I didn't enjoy hand-cutting 20 little hearts for this. I think I'll need to skip my next craft because it requires almost 100 tiny hearts. I need a heart punch. I'll leave that craft on the list for next year, I guess. I'll also add the punch to my Christmas Wish list :)

Side note: I missed days 4-6 because I was sick - as in really, really sick. It rarely happens that I am so sick I'm stuck in bed for 3 days. I was so bummed that I missed out on completing the Thing-a-Day challenge this year. Ah well...can't win 'em all.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #3 Circle Ornaments

Paper Circle Ornaments
I've seen these around the 'net and in several magazines lately, so I thought I'd give them a try. And goodness knows I have plenty of paper laying around to play with :)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #2 Kitty Cat Origami

Thing-a-Day No. 2: Kitty Cat Origami
I have this Origami calendar from 2005 that I threw in my craft supply box, since the origami paper is still in good condition and I knew I could use it at a later date. And I have. Several times! A few years ago I made origami hearts and fish and things for the thing-a-day challenge. This year I have several origami bits I'd like to make. I especially like this kitty because, if I change the color to something a bit more orange-ish it could look like a fox! Way cool :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #1 Wire Snowflakes

You know those annoying, plastic-coated wires that are used to fasten toys to their boxes? I save those. Just for this reason: to reuse as a craft supply! Today for craft #1 of the Thing-a-Day 2012 challenge I used some of my wire stash to make these snowflakes. They are now hanging in my kitchen window to help remind me that it really is winter here, despite the fickleness of the snow this season!