Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #9 Felt Valentines

Felt Valentines
I saw somewhere on the 'net some felt valentine ornaments, but I am running out of places to hang things so I left off the ribbon and made these to nestle in a bowl. Unfortunately, the bowl I wanted wasn't available, so I stuck them in my mondo mug. I think they're cute and I got to practice my blanket stitch again :)

Also, they were made completely with supplies I had on hand AND they are stuffed with scraps! Waste not, want not. I used up the scraps from these hearts in 3 of them and then pulled out a bag of fabric scraps from a bag I made a couple years ago. Yes, I kept my scraps for that long. Yes, I always keep the scraps. You never know when you may need a patch, or a small bit for another craft :)

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