Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Thing-A-Day 2012 - #8 Felt Heart Bunting

#8 - Felt Heart Bunting
I had a huge stack of felt that I bought several years ago for another craft that I never got around to finishing. I've seen these heart buntings around the 'net for awhile now, not only in felt, but paper as well. It took me longer than I thought to hand cut all those hearts and in the end I had to cut some more to complete the entire room. On the up side, I did use up most of my felt bits and instead of tossing all those scraps I stuffed them into an old mason jar, tied it with a bow and called it "bonus craft!"
And later I can pull those scraps out and do something else with them ;)
There is nothing better than making something awesome out of scraps that would normally go in the trash. 

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