Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012 - #13, 14, 15

#15 - Baker's Apron
I found this yummy fabric at the local Goodwill - on a 1/2 off Saturday, no less! - and knew it would make a great apron someday. And that someday is today! I tried to use a pattern found on the Martha site, but it didn't include directions and the pattern was in 13 pcs and I couldn't figure out how to piece it together. So I winged it. I measured it out, cut, sewed, cut again, sewed and ironed and sewed and now I have an apron to protect my clothes when I'm tossing stuff around the kitchen :)

#14 - Valentine's Day Card
Happy Valentine's Day! I have a bag of cards that came with some promo a long, long time ago. And you know I save stuff like that to use "someday". I was digging around in my stash thinking to make an ATC, but when I discovered that little bag of goodies, today's thing-a-day was a cinch.

#13 - Mustaches
Ok, this one is lame. I was lazy all day. Mondays usually go that way. And while I was waiting for dinner I knocked these out of some scraps of felt, thinking I'd attach them to some drinking straws and take a cute, funny family picture. No go. These 'staches arent' fit to be seen, let alone groomed for photo ops. I'll have to try again some other time, when I'm more likely to have the energy to actually care.

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