Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thing-a-Day 2012: #7 - Valentine Specimen Art

Valentine Specimen Art
I already had the frame and tons of paper scraps so this craft was a no-brainer. I do wish I'd had a heart punch to make this go a little faster. I didn't enjoy hand-cutting 20 little hearts for this. I think I'll need to skip my next craft because it requires almost 100 tiny hearts. I need a heart punch. I'll leave that craft on the list for next year, I guess. I'll also add the punch to my Christmas Wish list :)

Side note: I missed days 4-6 because I was sick - as in really, really sick. It rarely happens that I am so sick I'm stuck in bed for 3 days. I was so bummed that I missed out on completing the Thing-a-Day challenge this year. Ah well...can't win 'em all.

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