Thursday, August 07, 2008

Best Game Ever!

We woke up to a beautiful morning! K&J were out playing with the kids so Chad and I decided to get in a game of disc golf. Turns out today was my day.

By the 4th hole I was still at par and I was beating Chad! (today was NOT his day!)

For the first time ever, I birdied twice in one game. On a few holes I had some pretty tough challenges but still managed to par or bogey. Which is much better than I normally play.

Chad was totally excited for me and had me try out his Sidewinder disc. He said that now I'm playing with power so I need to adjust my technique. Which is pretty much true. The Stingray disc that I've always used is actually a right-turning disc, but I've not been able to make it turn right. Until now. :D

I worked on tweaking my release and was able to play a really good game.

At the 18th hole I finished at a +5 (over par). Way better than my personal best! :D

I think it's time to get a long-distance driver and see what I can do!

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