Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Year Older

My baby girl is turning 11 tomorrow! {crocodile tears and sniffling}

As she says, she's finally a preteen. {shuddering} I just see my baby getting taller and more beautiful every day. I wish I had some baby pictures with us here in FL. I'm resolved that when we head north again to visit, I'm sneaking as many pictures as I can into the luggage!

So tomorrow we'll spend the day catering to her every whim {she thinks} and I'll make a jello cake. That was her second choice, she really wants an ice cream cake.

When dad gets home from work we'll head over to Downtown Disney and have a big scoop of ice cream at Ghiradelli (and grab some free chocolate!) {drooling} So maybe she won't still want that ice cream cake? hmmm....she probably will! :P

Because of scheduling, we'll be going ice skating Tuesday night and taking a couple of her friends along. I haven't had ice skates on my feet since before she was born! eek! I'm a great roller blader, but not so hot on the ice. hehe...

So tomorrow is sure to be full of laughter, smiles....and a few tears.

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