Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Even though tickets for this concert sold out within the first 10 minutes of the box office opening, Chad managed to find and win tickets on ebay. In fact, he scored some seriously awesome seats at a really reasonable price! Unfortunately he couldn't get more than 2 tickets, so Jeremy didn't get to go, but he was cool with that.

By the time the concert started Chad was wishing for ear plugs. With almost 30,000 screaming girls, is it any wonder?

Kylie was totally loving the costume changing. Chad said she was amazed by it. And I guess when you think about it, she's never seen that. So of course she finds it fascinating!

When it came time for Miley to appear the stage took on another dimension. Chad took a ton of pictures just of the staging and lights. Even with the great seats, a telephoto lens would have been nice. But Kylie's camera took some fairly good pictures, I think.

Once I had a few minutes to go through the pictures I realized that between the two of them they'd taken over 1100 pictures! I've been going through them all day today, weeding out all the fuzzy ones and deciding between duplicates. Kylie discovered how to use the multi-exposure feature and used it. So I had sequences of 30 to 40 photos taken just milliseconds apart! And most of the time they were out of focus! :P

According to Kylie and Chad, the really cool part was the fireworks and confetti, at the same time! I personally would think this a fire hazard - fire and paper together? - but hey, that's showbiz. Kylie managed to scoop up a handful of confetti and brought it home. It's now residing in a ziploc bag and will eventually find a new home in Kylie's scrapbook. I hope.

I'd say Kylie had a pretty good night. And Chad was fairly entertained as well. He can hum a Hannah Montana tune when the situation calls for it! :P

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  1. Not to mention Billy Ray Cyrus came out and ended the show with a duet w/ Mylie. And yeah the production was AMAZING.