Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new dreadhead!

Today I did my very first dreadlock installation on a head belonging to someone other than myself! Yay! And while I didn't get paid what I'd like to get paid, she did at least pay for the supplies. Since she is a full-time ministry student I didn't think it fair to charge her $300. But if any of her friends want dreads, I'll be charging for it. It took 4 days to make the dreads and an entire afternoon to steam them. And here she is!

She has some pretty thin hair, a little past her shoulders. And more than a few layers. But we managed to get them in nicely. I figured my first go at this would take 4 or 5 hours, but I did it in 3 1/2! I think all that practice on my own head made a bit of a difference.

I used 48 DE black dreads, with a bunch of reds. I made the reds as SEs and made enough black SEs to attach to the reds to convert them into Harlequin DEs. So when I braided them in, I braided along the black so there was no criss-crossing over the red. They look sweet! I'll have to use this trick on my next 'do.

She's already thinking ahead to what colors she wants next! :D

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  1. Nice work. How much would you charge a brother-in-law?