Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Life and Times - Feb 09 edition

The month of February came and went without the internet. I could say I got a lot done without it, but I'm also way behind because I didn't have it!

February saw the beginning of spring training. Jeremy was NOT placed in the majors after all. They had too many boys sign up so they took the youngest players and moved them down. There were 8 students who were moved down to minors. Jeremy was only slightly dissapointed, but I have to say that Chad and I were quite happy with that decision. Unfortunately, Jeremy didn't get his old coaches team. A new coach drafted him and was quite unwilling to trade him back to the other coach! At first Jeremy didn't understand, but now he knows how the drafting system works.

We've had practice 3 nights a week all month and Jeremy has been doing very well. It looks like he'll be playing mostly 3rd and 1st base, and may even get some pitching in!

His first game was on the 28th. And would you believe it? His team (the Braves) had to play against his old coach - the RedSox! It was quite interesting. Chad and I were cheering for both teams :D At one point, Jeremy's friend Jacob was pitching to him and they just kept smiling at each other! It was so funny! In the end, the Braves won 9 to 1. Jeremy made a great play at 3rd base, tagging out a runner that was trying to steal. Even the RedSox coaches congratulated him on such a great play!

The second biggest event of the month was the most traumatic. Our RV was totalled by the insurance company! One of the exterior walls popped open and when we made the claim they said the repairs cost more that the RV was valued, so they would not pay for it and forced us to relinguish the RV by the end of the month. So we had about 8 days to find a new RV or apartment or other home option, get all the necessary paperwork arranged, and orchestrate the move from one to the other as smoothly as possible. In the end we bought a 5th wheel trailer rather than a motorized coach. Mainly because we couldn't find a motor coach within our budget. But the new trailer is very nice, with 3 slide outs to give us an actual living room/dining room space, a bit bigger kitchen, and a bunkhouse with a 1/2 bath for the kids.

Jeremy made a new friend here in the park this month. Kane and his sister Nicole visit us every day after school and spend most of the weekend at our new lot. It's unfortunate that they will be moving in March. Donovan, Jeremy's friend from Oregon, will also be leaving mid-March. It will be a sad day when they are gone. :(

We DJed the Valentines Dinner Dance again this year. A couple ladies made sure to find us and give us very detailed lists of the music they would prefer! It was very helpful, to be sure. The dancing couples were very grateful to have some of their favorites. It definitely made the evening more enjoyable for us, since we didn't have everyone complaining about the music!

Instead of going out for Valentines Day (since we were DJing the dance) Chad and I sent the kids to Wendy's Sunday night for a sleep-over and we went to Universal to see The Village People at the mardi gras celebration. I enjoyed the concert, but I was more enthused with the parade and the fabulous costumes everyone was wearing!

I made a new wig this month. I think it's a bit too punk-teenager for me. I like it, but just not on me - so I doubt I'll ever wear it. I'll probably list it for sale on my fake hair community. I know they'll snap it up. I also finished a set of dread falls for Erica. She gave me the hair back in October and I'm just now finished. Of course, cutting my hand in Jan. didn't help - but by then I'd had most of them done. There were just too many other things I needed to get done. I'm not wearing dreads this month. The last ones were so heavy I needed the break. Maybe next month?

**CORRECTION** I finished all the embroidery on my Tudor forepart in February, not January as previously posted. I'm sure I was confused because I posted January's update just after completing it. :P But that's okay - I don't mind sharing it again :P

As far as Project 365 goes, I haven't missed a day yet. I did sometimes not get around to taking the picture during the day, but I always took it first thing the next morning so they stayed in order. I know that's fudging it a bit, but the spirit of the challenge is still there, right?

I celebrated my birthday this month by making some gingerbread-chocolate chip muffins and spending the day with the family. I recieved many wishes for a great birthday and I thank all of you for your thoughts, cards, emails, phone calls, and gifts. A couple days later, on Chad's day off, we went to BD's Mongolian for lunch. The waitress made me a lovely hat from tinfoil and the manager made me an ice cream sundae! Yum! :D

This month's edition is a bit out of order, but that's pretty much the gist of it. Perhaps March will be a bit more entertaining?

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