Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Life and Times - April edition

So, April has come and gone. Gone in a wink! Life keeps us busy :D

I've been working on sorting photos and going through old video tapes. Ah, memories! The kids grow up way, way too fast. One blink and poof! they've aged a dozen years. And so have we...

Jeremy wanted a baseball birthday again this year. So I recreated the field but this time around I made some fondant baseball players. What an adventure. I bought white, pre-made fondant and colored it myself. Then made a set of ball players in red jerseys and a couple in blue. Unfortunately, I made them way too tall and they wouldn't stand up. So I had to take them apart and chop up the pieces to make them a bit smaller and squatter, so they'd stand on their own. The cake was a hit. And Jeremy loves anything baseball. In fact, most every gift was related to baseball! Including a fancy new bat!

For Easter we did a quick egg-dying session, which was interrupted for several hours as Jeremy disappeared to play baseball with one of his friends. The next day the eggs were turned into a meal and the kids hunted for the plastic ones. Chad hid them even harder this year. Jeremy did a lot of crawling, Kylie not so much.

At the end of the month Chad and I went to Epcot. It's the Flower Festival so I was able to get some creative photos. It's not often Chad and I get to go anywhere so this was a real treat. We even splurged and had dessert in France!

Project 365 is going well. The scrapbook is all caught up, so I have to wait a couple weeks before I can scrap any more. But I am working on other scrapping projects, so I don't starve for creative outlets :D I also have several other projects in the works :D

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