Monday, August 10, 2009

Time Flies...

The days of May, June and July are all past us and August is almost half way gone. Time moves on so quickly and yet we sometimes spend our days wondering when they will end so we can get to tomorrow. How sad...

Let's see if I can recall the past few months... (with some help from the Project 365 notebook, of course!)

In May I took Kylie shopping for some new clothes. Her tastes run decidedly pop-punk with a smidge of goth. Chad had my wedding ring fixed. That was nice - it's been 3 years since I've been able to wear it. Jeremy is doing well with baseball. His team is ranked no. 1 and he's been mostly playing first base. They won their championship game and went to playoffs. I've been working on organizing photos so I can do some scrapbooking. It's been raining and raining and raining. The duck family in our pond had 13 ducklings. :D

June saw the end of the playoffs for Jeremy. The Braves were out of the tournament after their 3rd game. Still a great season! The kids' friends, John and Anna (from Brazil) left to go on vacation to Canada. I've been working on new curly dreads :D lately and installed them for the trip to MI. Went to Chad's 20yr high school reunion and Sheri's baby shower. Chad had some more work done on his tatoo while in Michigan - it's pretty awesome.

July I started my full-time training for a marathon I want to walk in December in Las Vegas. I don't know that we'll get there, but I'm training for it! Kylie stubbed her big toe and most of the nail popped right off. We suspect she'd injured it some time before and the nail was detached from the nail bed, which is why it wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be when we clipped it. Ouch! Once it was cleaned up, we noticed that a bit of nail was already growing back under the one we'd just taken off! How weird is that? I brought home a bunch of my mom's photo albums and have been sorting the pics and getting them out of those nasty magnectic books. yuck! I also learned to knit! I've made several scarves now :D And towards the end of the month we had a dust storm from Africa move in and gave us the most magnificent sunsets!

Now it's August and the kids are officially on summer break. With them off the books it's time for Mom to hit the books. I have begun an online class on the history of fashion, offered by a former professor from Alaska. I've always been a fan of her website - so much information! - and now I'm doing the self-study from one of her many classes.

That's the highlights. It's actually kind of sad that I can sum up the last few months in those three short paragraphs...

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