Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Man's 13th Birthday

The Big 13! I can't believe it. The day started off with a light breakfast. We then went to a movie, and CiCi's for lunch. While at lunch, Little Man opened some gifts.

After lunch we did a little shopping, got some DQ and then headed to the Silver Hawks game. We had a birthday message put on the board. I think they should give us a refund since they misspelled his name :( During the 7th inning stretch Little Man got to play a relay game. He wasn't too thrilled with how it went down. But you can't tell from the grin on his face!

Later that weekend we had a little family party and I made the obligatory baseball themed cake. I think this makes 4 years in a row?

Next year he says I just have to make a baseball stadium just like they did on Ace of Cakes! I think I'd best start planning now...

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