Friday, February 18, 2011

4x12: February

Walkin' on, walkin' on, broken gla-aass...

Welcome to Lake Michigan! A frozen Lake Michigan, that is. It was so very cold that the lake froze all the way across - something I've never seen before. It was also unusual because normally there are mini mountains along the shoreline in the winter, due to the waves. The cold snap hit so fast and so hard the lake just froze in its tracks. Quite the sight to see. And we were lucky to see it this year. We made it just in time. The day before this was taken it was still extremely solid. The day this was taken (Monday, Feb. 15) it had already started to melt. And now because of the super warm weather we've been having (40s!) its no longer safe to clamber across. So I'm glad we did this when we did. It makes for a wonderful backdrop :)

This makes photo #2! 4 people 12 times makes for a great challenge. They still whine when I tell them we'll be taking a family photo, but I know eventually they'll see it coming and just fall in line :)

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