Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knitwit Files Vol 7: Slouch Hat and Pattern

Trial run with my first pattern inspired by some others I'd read but written by me! It's not slouchy enough for my dreads, but it works quite well for The Girl. She snagged it up before it was even finished! The next one will have to have an excessive amount of slouch and a bit bigger headband if it's going to fit me. And if I make it big enough, I make even get to keep it! :)

Here's the pattern if anyone would like it.

1. CO 68 stitches in the round. Place marker, join round, be careful not to twist!
2. K2P2 Rib for 1 1/2" on #8 - 16" circular knitting needle. It's gonna be tight, but it'll get easier soon enough.
3. Time to increase: K1M1 all the way around. You should now have 136 stitches.
4. Knit until body is 6 1/2"
5. On last knit row, place marker every 34 stitches (use color other than 1st one so you know where the beginning of the round starts)
6. Begin decrease: Row 1*K2 K2tog(15 times) K2* repeat ** 3 times - make sure to move markers. 76 stitches left
7. Row 2: *K3 K2tog(7 times) K2* repeat ** 3 times making sure to move markers - 48 stitches left
8. Row 3: *K2 K2tog(4 times) K2* repeat ** 3 times, moving markers - 32 stitches left
9. Switch to (4)DPNs
10. K32 putting 8 stitches on each DPN - 32 stitches
11. K2 K2tog(2 times) K2 -all the way around. 24 stitches left
12. Cut tail of thread at least 18", thread on needle and pull through all stitches, pulling tight to close up opening. Weave in ends.

Materials: #8 16" circ, #8 DPNs, stitch markers, tapestry needle, yarn #4 worsted acrylic blend about 200 yds (244yd skein)

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