Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Storm 2011

Once we got the tire fixed and back on the tractor, Great-Grandpa made the attempt to make a path up to the driveway. There was too much snow so I went ahead of him with a shovel and broke a path so that the snowblower could get through. Even so, he still got stuck a couple times. Once he got up to the drive the kids helped me clean up the path so he could get the tractor back to the barn.

The Girl came out to help after we already had quite a bit finished. Here she's helping to clear out the path from the driveway to the little barn out back.

This is the driveway. It is completely drifted closed and the drifts are definitely over Little Man's knees. He started digging it out, but I set him on another task since Great-Grandpa planned on using the snow blower on the driveway.

Clearing the path from the back door to the little barn. The wind blew so hard it came down off the roof and made those huge drifts.

It took almost 3 hours to clean up all that snow. While Grandpa was working on the drive, the kids and I took turns clearing the paths and I cleaned up around the truck and car and widened the outside edge a bit so I had room to squeeze the car out when I get parked in.

Once the work was done the kids took a little side trip out into the untouched drifts of snow along the barn. They didn't get far before turning back! They put the shovels away, brushed the snow off and headed inside for some hot cocoa.

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