Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are these your glasses, Mom?!

I may be old, little man, but I'm not that old!

Saturday, February 28th, our friends and family tricked us into showing up for a surprise party to celebrate our 40th birthdays. Mine passed by on the 6th and the Mr's will be coming up on March 31st. So somewhere in the middle totally caught us off guard! Well done, people, well done.

I like this. My sis-in-law really loves me. She came up with 20/20 just for me! The Mr. gets stuck with the Big 4-0.

It was really great to see so many of our friends make the trip for our party. It has been too many years since we last saw each other. We can't let that happen again. Thank you, friends and family, for all the hard work putting the party together and actually managing to keep it a secret! Well done, indeed. :)

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