Thursday, March 17, 2011


First things first: a good lunch! When in Atlanta, Georgia it is essential that we eat sushi.
While the Mr. was out working, the kids and I hung out with John at one of the local malls. There were some pretty fun things to do. The kids were super psyched to race the radio control cars for a little while.

And then they just had to climb the rock wall at Cabella's. It was quite the challenge for both of them. Little Man had some difficulty with the holds being a little too far apart. The Girl made it up the wall waaaay further than any other person who attempted it that day. Girls got skillz!

On the way out Little Man shook hands with some of the local wildlife...

And then we were off to Orlando. First stop: Braves vs. Tigers Spring Training Game. It was quite a snoozer up until the 9th inning and just when it was getting interesting, the game was over! Little Man was stoked to watch Chipper Jones play.

Then we went to the WGLL Opening Ceremonies. Little Man hung out with some of his friends while The Girl caught up with some of her friends.

That night we went to Universal Studios. Our first stop was the Hogwarts Express! I wish it was an actual ride you could take into Hogsmeade. I haven't seen it during daylight hours, but at night it's pretty magical!

And then it was time for the Mardi Gras parade. The Girl came away with another 50 necklaces, at least!

And no trip to Universal is complete without picking up breakfast on the way out! mmm...

The next day we did the Universal thing again, but the kids took one of their friends with them. They wanted to be left alone, so the Mr. and I went Ninja on them! It was too much fun :)

And then we were back in Atlanta, needing something to eat late at night. Way to be there, Panda!

Next day, the Mr. had to work so the kids and I hung out at Dave&Busters. What a cool place! Unfortunately, we spend way too much money there. But it was a lot of fun :)

And then the trip home. We all found the rivers and waterfalls along the roadways to be beautiful. The kids and I usually try to sleep through the hills so we don't get sick, but it was just too pretty to miss!

Vacation is nice, but home is'd think that was the end of the week, but no, we were home for only a day and a half before we had to pack up and be gone for the weekend! The Mr. and I were asked to be chaperones for the Acquire the Fire conference so we didn't get any rest until several days after vacation. Man, were we wiped out! So glad to have my own pillow again...

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