Sunday, January 02, 2011

Assessing 2010

My goals list for 2010 was varied and long. I was able to accomplish a few of the items, but most of them are still in progress. 2011 will see the completion of a few more of those goals as well as the birth of some new ones...but I'll post about that later.

1. Blogging. Blogging everyday went really well until my laptop died. I managed to use one of the kids computers for a few weeks until we started the process of moving back to Michigan. With all the hustle and bustle, blogging fell by the wayside. We are still not settled yet, but I've been feeling guilty about my neglected blog, so I thought a recap of 2010 might be a good way to put things into perspective. I still have no computer to call my own, so blogging for 2011 will still be sporadic, though I'm hoping to make a better job at keeping it up this time around.

2. Project 365. Ugh! I really, really tried to make sure I took at least one picture every single day. At first I was upset with myself for missing a day or two, and then a whole span of 11 days went by without a single snapshot. So now I've come to realize that it just wasn't meant to be and I shouldn't beat myself up about it. I haven't printed pictures at all since May. (shudder!) I have been keeping track of my photos and making notes here and there for when I'm ready to assemble the scrapbook, but I'm not nearly as on top of it as I was in 2009. Let's hope 2011 goes a little smoother.

3. Marathon. I started my training right on time. I did very well keeping up, with only a few lazy days. I made it to 15 miles and then we began the very unorganized move to Michigan. Once again my plans to participate in a marathon race have been derailed. But not in 2011! Oh, no! This is the year. I'm doing it.

4. Web Store. I designed the blog header, worked on graphics for the webstore page, even signed up with my store name. I made a handful of objects d'art to sell but never got around to adding them to the site. Again, moving takes a lot out of you.

5. Photo Challenges. Pull out tissue...My Rebel sat in a padded cell for 6 months without a single click of the lens to brighten its days. I didn't take any pictures until Christmas and then it was just normal Christmas stuff. I've had neither the time nor the inclination to participate in a photo sad.

6. Book List. My goal was to double 2009's reading list. I don't think I made it to 82 books this year. I was keeping a detailed list on my laptop, but since it died over 6 months ago I couldn't tell you how many books I've read in 2010. I do know that it's probably very close to the same number as '09. I'm hoping 2011 will see an increase in leisure time for reading as well as better documentation of said reading list!

7. One Little Word: ACTION. The first half of the year saw a lot of action. I was doing quite well with my goals. Moving across the country put a damper on most of those goals, but I still kept them in mind, turning them over, examining them, re-evaluating them. I have a new word in mind for 2011. I'm still mulling it over. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I know for sure that my word choice is the correct one for the new year. That one little word is going to have a huge impact - so it needs to be the right word!

8. Debt. We did manage to pay off the truck loan early, and got rid of one credit card. That was as far as we got. We are still in debt. I seriously dislike being in debt. Debt reduction is still on the goals list for 2011.

9. Homeschool. Things got off to a fairly good start this fall. Even with the moving around the kids were able to maintain their workload. The holidays always set us back, but now that it's the new year, school will once again become our focus. Good things are happening.

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