Monday, January 03, 2011

Goals for 2011

Here it is! The 2011 Goals List!

Goal #1: Keep Blogging! I did really well up until the move and computer issues. I think 2011 will be even better, even though I still have no computer and we still need to move into a house at some point! I may even get some iniative and put all my blogs in one place! :)

Goal #2: Marathon! I am absolutely determined to do that marathon. Nothing is going to stop me this time. Nothing.

Goal #3: Family Photo Challenge. I read a blog about a mom that made a point of taking a family photo once a month for the whole year. I think this is a great idea and I'm going to do it. So at some point each month I will beg, bribe, and/or trick my family into a group photo.

Goal #4: Project 365. I will once again be continuing the Project 365 challenge. I've done it for 2 years and I think it helps capture our lives very well. I just hope P365 for 2011 stays caught up. I may change the format to make it a little easier for me this time around.

Goal #5: Webstore. I'm going to continue to develop my webstore. The goal is to have the store up and running by September. If I can't make it happen by then, it'll never happen. Sad, but true.

Goal #6: Debt. We will continue to pay down our debt. It's a sizeable amount, so I know we won't get it all paid this year, but we're going to make a huge dent in it!

Goal #7: Stay Positive! I sometimes let my "pragmatism" get in the way and tend toward the negative. I really want to get away from that. No more sarcasm, no more cynisism, no more. There's no room for negativity here anymore.

Goal #8: Crafting. This year's new skill will be Tatting. I've found several wonderful websites dedicated to Tatting, so I know I'll be able to find help. I'll be slowly acquiring the equipment and then this summer I will begin! I imagine most everyone will get a tatted snowflake for Christmas this year :)

Goal #9: Reading. I'm not going to set a number, because that would take all the fun out of reading. But I do want to read a bit more than the last couple years. So if I make it to 60 or 70 books this year, I'll be happy.

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