Thursday, January 06, 2011

Planting the Seeds of Servanthood

Yesterday, The Girl went with her cousins and some friends to volunteer at one of the packing centers for Feed My Starving Children. They packed thousands of bags. Those bags contained a mixture of rice and other nutritious items that could be mixed with boiling water. One bag contained enough for 6 meals.

She came home last night full of information about starving children and how this organization is feeding them all around the world. The bags they packed yesterday were scheduled to be delivered to children in Haiti. It was all she could talk about. And this morning we spent some time looking at their website and looking for more opportunities to volunteer.

The seeds of servanthood, planted so many years ago, have been watered and nurtured once again. And the fruits of this labor of love will bring hope to all the children of the world. Can we ask for anything more?

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