Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids Photography

I LOVE giving my kids the camera and letting them take hundreds of pictures! They have such an unique perspective and they are not afraid to lay on the floor or hang from weird positions to get the picture they want. I can't wait to see their pictures and videos when I get the camera back from them. Our point-and-shoot pocket camera has got to be one of the best investments we've made in the last couple years. Here are some of my latest favorites:

This is actually a picture of The Girl. Little Man had the camera this time. When I loaded this photo my first instinct was to delete it, but then I really looked at it. I know no one will know who is in this shot, but I could use it for any number of applications, including as a background for scrapbook page.

For this shot they either set the camera on the floor or one of them got down on the floor. They've seen me lay on the floor for pictures before so maybe I'm rubbing off on them a little :) Now they just need a little primer on the Rule of Thirds.

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