Friday, August 24, 2007

a day to myself

Normally, my DH takes the kids out on Wednesdays. But this Wed. they convinced me to go out with them. I don't like to do that, I prefer to hide out in the safety and air conditioning of the RV! But they convinced my that they really wanted me to go too.

So Thursday, DH took the kids out without me. They are normally only gone about 4 hours. But this time they were gone all day! They went to the water park, went out to lunch, and then to Disney Quest. (Giant 5 story building full of video and interactive games).

So I spent the day all by myself!

I spent some time cleaning, (best to do this when everyone is out of the RV). Then I went through the library books, sorting them, making a pile of the ones that can go back. And then I spent the rest of my day happily stitching, fitting and patterning, poking myself with pins, and making my back ache. :D

DH and the kids were totally whipped when they got home, so it was a quiet night. :) After dinner, they all zonked. I sat, happily stitching away on my sewing project, listening to the snoring and the light drone of the TV.

Life is good.

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