Saturday, August 25, 2007

Making up for used time

I spent my day today making up for all that time I used for costuming. I had a lot of dirty dishes stacked up, a load of laundry to do, the floors needed some attention, and the trash was a little heaped. Too bad no one thought to help me out a bit. {shaking head}

At some point during the day I did find some time to work on school stuff.

I also managed to fill out some prize thingys for K. She's so into these teen magazines and wants to win all those autographed prizes. So we mailed those out today.

Just as I was getting the laundry going it decided to storm. Not just rain, STORM. The black trailer leaks around the door so I shoved a towel around it. When I checked again later, the leak had moved out from the wall about 6 inches and was splashing all over. So I moved the towel around to catch that too. Then I went and sat in the laundry for 45 minutes waiting for the laundry to dry, not to mention the hems of my jeans from slogging through the lawn up to the laundry door.

I managed to get some personal reading time in. That was nice.

Just as I finished folding the laundry a second wave of thunder came rolling through. I got back to the RV before the deluge. I changed the towel in the black trailer, hauled the laundry in, and put my stuff away. Then I noted the pool of water on the carpet under the plastic runner. Why didn't anyone else notice this?

So I pulled up the runner and soaked up as much water as I could with the kids bath towels. It's supposed to rain all night, so who knows what I'll wake up to!

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