Thursday, May 27, 2010

Journaling Me: Hobbies

Have you ever reread books; what's the criteria for doing so?
Yes! A most emphatic Yes! I do reread books. It has been years since I've done so, as all of my favorites are in storage in MI while we are here in FL. But someday I will have all my books about me again!

The biggest criteria for rereading a book is its entertainment value. A book that is highly engaging and makes me smile, or even chuckle out loud is a shoe-in for the "read it again" list. Which means that most books I reread are very much fictional, and most usually historical in nature. One exception (to the historical category) is the Harry Potter series. I've not reread any of them yet, but I most certainly intend to do so! I'm even planning on knitting a scarf in the Gryffindor colors! Cheeky...

I do read a lot of non-fiction books, though few would be read again. One book I enjoy every time I pick it up is Ali Edwards book "A Designers Eye for Scrapbooking". I also tend to borrow craft and decorating books multiple times a year from the local libraries.

I love books! At any one time I could have as many as 60 library books out! Mostly books for me, with a few school books sprinkled in for good measure. Our current library system here in Orange County allows patrons to borrow up to 100 books/movies/etc at any one time. I've never hit 100, but have gotten very close in the mid-90s :) I checked out so many books, that they started providing laundry baskets to haul them out! ha! I always used my library bags, but I noticed other homeschooling moms using the baskets. Very nice of them to think of us. Not many libraries would be so accomodating.

It has always been my dream that when I have a house I will have one room designated as the Library. I certainly own plenty of books to get one started! I also like to collect the turn of the century primers that libraries try desperately to get rid of in their book sales. I have a nice collection, some with the owners lovely signatures enscribed in the flyleafs. They are getting harder to find now that mixed media artists are using them as part of their art.


  1. My office doubles as a library. Currently, 11 fullsize and 5 halfsize bookshelves (with some shelf room left to fill). A couple more bookshelves at home.

  2. That's a good start. :)