Monday, May 03, 2010

Marathon Training Update: April 2010 Progress

April progress has been a bit better. The weather turned much hotter toward the end of the month, which will have an effect on May's training. That means much earlier mornings for me!

Here's the current stats:

Steps in April: 69,495       Total Steps this Year: 187,499
Total Miles for April:25             YTD Miles:68
Longest Distance Walk: 5 miles              Time: 1:19
Avg. mph: 15.8!
Weight Lost This Month: 4lbs. for a YTD loss of 12 lbs!

Even though my average is a little slower than last month, it's still pretty good. And I'm able to maintain my pace from day to day quite easily. Now I'm working on increasing my pace on certain training days, really pushing myself to get by body ready for race day. The whole losing weight thing is pure bonus! :)

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