Sunday, June 06, 2010

Marathon Training Update: May 2010 Progress

Progress? I don't believe so. I walked all of 2 days in May. It got so very hot. We took a week for vacation. Baseball was time consuming. Craziness.
Here's the stats:

Current Weight: 183 lbs. - Weight Lost: 0 Total 12 lbs.
Steps: 18,974 - Total Steps: 206,473
Total Miles: 8 - YTD Miles: 76
Longest Distance Walk: 5 miles - Time: 1:20
Avg. mph: 15.875
Cross Training: baseball

I sort of anticipated that May was going to be a difficult month. Maybe I set myself up for that? Anyway. The Chicago Marathon is out. Registration met the 45,000 limit way back in March. A bummer that. So now I'm looking for another marathon somewhere around the same date as the Chi-town race. Hopefully I run across something soon so I can get registered!

My official training starts tomorrow. With a day off :) Mondays and Fridays will be my days off for cross training and rest. 18 weeks to race day! somewhere...

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