Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marathon Training Update: Week 1

Well. Week One is complete. Three short, 3-mile training days during the week and a longer, 6-mile training day on Saturday. I finished the shorter walks in 48-49 minutes. The long walk came to 1 hour and 37 mintues. Not bad, not bad. Today is a cross training day. After the sun goes down a bit I'll take my bike out for good long ride, or maybe go for a swim. Personally, I think living life is cross-training enough!

I still haven't found a race to compete in. I do have a few options. It really depends on where we are going to be living, so I have to wait a few more weeks to make that decision. Right now I'm leaning toward the Springfield, MO race in October. There's also a race in Indianapolis. There are options in November as well, though I don't know if I want to go that far into fall since most of my training will be done in the excessive heat and humidity of summer. But, since I can't register until I know where we are going to relocate, that decision is on hold.

Training commences! 17 weeks to go :)

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