Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I really dislike technology at the moment. My computer has been under attack for a couple weeks and it has finally succumbed to the incessant prying of a virus. It's my own fault. My virus protection was expiring and I didn't renew it because the brand that was on my computer was waaaaay too expensive for me to renew. I've also been unable to find a suitable replacement that fits my budget. So now, my computer sits, unused, on the kitchen table; a daily reminder that virus protection should be purchased and installed at ANY cost, because a dead computer is a bad thing. Especially when one relies on said computer for not only email, but research and homeschooling.

So, that being said, if my blog posts get behind, it's because I'm not able to beg a computer from another family member. I'll try to pre-schedule posts so I don't miss any, but there are no guarantees...

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