Sunday, January 03, 2010

Calendars 101

So, normally, I already have my calendar done by now. December was too full of crafting and stitching so I didn't get around to making the 2010 calendar for my day planner. I usually pull out the scrapbooking supplies and just hand make one, but this year I wanted to give digital a go. It took the better part of the day but I figured out how to use the layers in my Photoshop program (finally!) and made a fairly passable calendar.

This is the blank. I went ahead and added in the months and dates, but had to do pages for each of the months a little differently. I found myself doing half a month on the left and a half of a different month on the right every other month! It got a little tricky. But, I had to do it this way for front and back printing and because I'll be cutting the pages in half and hole punching them for my binder. I haven't printed yet but I'll post the finished project soon!

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