Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365: Week 4

Week# 4
Sun. Jan. 17, 2010 I really don't like paying bills. There are so many of them sometimes.

Mon. Jan. 18, 2010 Getting ready for spring tryouts. Jeremy brought his friend Johnathon down to the cages to get in some early practice. Jeremy wanted to get in some pitching practice too.

Tues. Jan 19, 2010 Look at this mess! The concession stand is under construction. Chad and Kylie have put in 30 hours already! That's a lot of work, and they're not done yet...

Wed. Jan. 20, 2010 Valentines Day is coming along soon. Chad just had to pick up some candy.

Thurs. Jan 21, 2010 I guess even the potato chip companies wanted in on the holiday fun!
I took a picture - and then I ate it :)

Fri. Jan. 22, 2010 We had lots of fun putting together a birthday package for Uncle Todd. He'll be surprised!

Sat. Jan. 23, 2010 Test run for the spring tryouts. The board asked us to have concession open all day. So Chad, Kylie and I worked from 7:45am until almost 5pm. We cooked everything on the menu. People seemed very pleased with the improvements Chad has made and it promises to be a really good season.

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