Thursday, January 14, 2010

down Memory Lane...

Before the age of the digital camera, there were these quirky little things that used actual film. Those cameras produced bits and pieces called negatives. And if you didn't keep them organized and labeled when you got them, they are a right nightmare to organize later. Oi.

Such is my challenge. The worst part is that I seem to be missing entire years of photos and their matching negatives! They must still be in storage in MI. Horrors! That's not good, and it makes me nervous.

I have been steadily working through my boxes of photos, moving the negatives to sleeves, labeling them with the pertinent information. As I go along, I'm reminded of moments I'd forgotten. And now I'm on a mission.

I have been scanning photos as I come to them, moving them into the digital age. It's time those memories came out of the box. It's a big job. Quite the challenge. But I'm determined. I will persevere. I will do this.

These moments in time will live on.

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