Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Photo Challenge: Reflections

In an attempt to get a bit more creative with my photography, I've looked up a gaggle of photo challenges on the internet and made myself a list. One of the items on my New Years goal list is to learn to use my cameras to their fullest potential, and get out there and take some photos! Challenge number 1: Reflections

Downtown Disney window display. You can see me and Chad in the bottom left corner if you look really close. I was just a little too short, so you can only see the top half of my face.

This is the pond at the RV park in Winter Garden. I timed it just right to get some nice movement on the surface as well as the play of light and shadow. I think I annoyed the ducks, though.

And this is me, hunkered down under the slide. I'm such a goof.

I used my little Sony Cybershot for this photoshoot. It was way too cold outside to pull out the Canon. My hands were frozen and sleet was sliding from the corners of my eyes. The wind was insanely bitter. But despite the weather I managed to snap 50 photos! How 'bout me?! These 3 are my favorites so far. The month isn't gone yet, so I plan to add a few more photo shoots to my challenge files. Wanna play?

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