Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Knitwit Files vol. 1

Ah, knitting... so much fun, so relaxing...

I have discovered the amazing knitting world, and with it crochet, though I haven't gotten the hang of crochet just yet. But I will. You can bank on it.

I first gave knitting a try when I took the Craft-a-Day Challenge back in Feb. 2008. It was confusing and frustrating. I didn't take to it very well. When Feb. 2009 rolled around I was too busy to do the challenge, but I did recall my failed attempts to learn to knit. It wasn't until I had some free time in July that I actually gave it some serious attention.

And now I'm "hooked"!

This set is for K. She likes hats, so I made a regular skull cap and then I made a Kitty Cap to go with the striped scarf.

This scarf is for little man. He chose blue and black, so I had fun with it. Haven't made a hat yet. But, I'm sure I will :D

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