Friday, January 08, 2010

Coffee Date

When Chad came home and said work was giving him Fridays and Sundays off, I knew right away that we had to make Friday mornings our "date" time. We hardly ever get time to ourselves and I know how much he loves Panera (and I love the orange scones!). So, the moment he told me this, I mentioned that we should go out for coffee. He's been begging me to learn to like coffee for ages.

Today was our first coffee date, (which is why I'm posting later than usual). I had him order the coffee, and I ordered the orange scone. For my first try at coffee I tried the hazelnut blend, which smells heavenly, by the way, and started with a little sip. It was way too bitter for me, so I add a packet of sugar. I ended up adding a second packet and Chad had added some cream for me. Turns out, I'm a cream and 2 sugar coffee gal. I managed to drink half the mug before I gave up. Hopefully, next week I'll enjoy it a bit more.

The orange scone - perfect! They changed the recipe, the shape, and the icing. But it's even better now! yum yum!

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