Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Knitwit Files vol.2: Checkerboard Scarf

This is what I'm working on right now. This picture is 3 days of work. I've haven't gotten very far, have I?

The checkboard pattern is turning out to be fairly easy now that my fingers have it pretty much memorized. I've made a bunch of scarves already, but always solids or stripes. So this is my first pattern switching colors mid-row.

I found the pattern in a big book of knitting projects from the library. I don't remember the title now. I made a copy of the pattern because Chad said he liked it. So I'm making this one for him. It'll look really nice with his wool coat.

It's a simple rib stitch pattern, but I have to keep track of the rows on paper to know when to move the end color to the beginning. The needles are so small for this one that I can't make out the rows just by looking at the knit. I'm just not that good yet! :P

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