Friday, March 26, 2010

And life throws a curve ball...

This past week has been very out of the ordinary.  I received a phone call last Saturday night from my sister saying that our mom had had a stroke. A minor one, but a stroke none-the-less. So Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed to Michigan.

I spent the week with my mom, and thankfully she has recovered very well. Still some issues with her right arm and ear, but her chiropractor thinks some of that is from repetitive stress.

On the upside of this whole ordeal, I did get to see most of the family for the first time in almost a year. And I got to (finally) meet this little guy
Connor Jacob! Isn't he adorable?! We spent some quality time together. I think he likes me cause I got the ultimate approval markings: baby spitup. Yeah, gross, but I'm a mom, I can handle it :)

So, Mom is better. I got to see most everyone. Met the newest member of the family. And now I'm back in sunny, humid Florida. Onward...

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