Saturday, March 13, 2010

Family Day!

This week family day was rainy and icky so we decided on a movie:
Alice in Wonderland!

I thought the movie was pretty good. There were a few parts that were pure eye candy

like this scene. Lots of stuff going on here. Too much for the brain to take in!

All of the characters were well done, but the Hatter came close to taking the cake right out of Queen Red's hands! Part way into the movie, Chad whispered to me that all he could see was Johnny Depp as the Hatter. He didn't realize it WAS Johnny Depp! Is that good or bad? hmmm... Is Johnny Depp being defined by his characters now? Hatter definitely had a bit of Jack's swagger in him...

It was a fun movie, one I'm sure I, at least, will watch again.

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