Monday, March 08, 2010

DIY Camera Strap Cover

This is my new camera strap cover. Hear me rawr!

I have found that when I actually use my strap around my neck I am constantly adjusting it and rubbing my nect where the strap is cutting into my skin. I used to just wrap a bandana around it and safety pin it together - which worked really well actually. But lately I've seen lots of cute camera strap covers out there and I thought "I can make one of those" so I hopped on the internet and found a tutorial over at Design*Sponge. I read through their instructions to get the gist of it and then tweaked their design to fit my design. I never do things the way other people do things! Instead of one solid color, front and back, I wanted to do a patchwork reversible design, using 4 fabrics. Go me.

I followed all the directions, adjusting for the extra seams. Unfortuately, my first strap turned out too small. I'd forgotten the extra side seam allowance!  But I refused to give in. I made the necessary adjustments and made a second one, this time changing the way the fabrics were stitched together (i.e. not making a tube and turning it!) and it worked way better. The scraps went into the scrap bag for later crafting ideas. And now I have a pretty, and comfortable, camera strap cover!

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