Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boating Fun

There has been a lot of rain the last couple days. We have huge puddles everywhere.
Every little boys dream.
Making paper boats and racing them in the puddles!

J and his friends decided to make paper boats so they had an excuse to play in the water. They each came up with a different design and put it together themselves. I thought I'd join in so I made a simple, folded-paper style boat. I ended up making 2 of them because one of the boys broke his boat before it even made it into the water.

The heaviest looking boat was the one that actually won the race. He was smart enough to put some kind of sail on his boat to help catch the wind!

I took the opportunity to play around with my camera. I chose a very small puddle to play in. I don't like ruining my shoes anymore.  Now, if I had a pair of galoshes....

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