Saturday, March 20, 2010


Everytime I get my new Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine my fingers just start itching to create something,
anything. I just need to get out the paper, the pencils, the markers, the glue. I dig out the paints and the brushes. I find my inks and my stamps. I go through the stash, looking for anything I might want to work with. And then I remember...I have no place to work. If it doesn't fit on the kitchen table-ette and it can't be done while perched on my end of the couch, then it's not gonna happen! So I have all these ideas, bubbling around in my head and they're just stuck there. They tool around, sticking themselves into my conversations. They poke their heads out when I try to read a book. They wag their tongues when I start smaller craft projects, screeching with indignation that I chose to do something else. It really does get noisy and crowded up there.

I suppose it's a good thing this whole full-time RV life is coming to an end soon. Just not quite soon enough for my creative self. (She gets a little crabby when I take away the scissors.) So, until that day comes, I'll stick to knitting on the couch and putting pictures into my Project 365 scrapbook.

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